Missions & Goals
The Office of Development Research and International Cooperation
Harnessing Knowledge for Development Solutions
The Office of Development Research and International Cooperation (ODRIC) of KDI School is dedicated to sharing Korea's unique development experience and public policy strategies with the global community. ODRIC conducts scholarly research and offers short-term training programs to development practitioners and policy officials from around the world as part of its knowledge sharing initiatives.

The Office conducts and promotes in-depth joint research on Korea's development experience with international organizations and renowned research institutions from around the world to ensure a more comprehensive, cross-national perspective. The findings are considered a public good and are made available via the KDI School created K-Developedia database that was launched to scale the School's knowledge sharing activities with the international community. The research utilizes theoretical and practical analytical tools, such as impact evaluations on development cooperation projects, and is disseminated to partner institutes and countries to promote evidence-based policymaking.

The Office's in-depth research on Korea's development know-how and public policies is the core foundation of KDI School's unique educational curriculum. The research findings, case studies, and professional experiences from former policy practitioners, who are an integral part of KDI School faculty, are leveraged to provide practical training for policy makers in Korea and partner countries. The Office offers approximately 40 short-term training programs annually for partner countries and institutions looking to advance sustainable development goals in their respective countries or contexts by learning about Korea's socioeconomic development lessons and best practices.

The Office works in conjunction with KDI School's top-notch faculty to maintain intellectual rigor in research and excellence in teaching. The expectation is to broaden the horizon for knowledge sharing by disseminating Korea's sustainable development experiences, backed by empirical studies, thereby achieving shared prosperity and inclusive growth worldwide.
Missions & Goals
To conduct in-depth research on Korea's development experience and international development issues and policies To improve efficiency and enhance the effectiveness of development cooperation projects through rigorous evaluation studies To strengthen collaboration with local institutes and international organizations for enhanced knowledge sharing
To promote international development research outcomes and activities To promote qualitative and quantitative development research by fostering an optimal environment for research projects To build capacity in the public sector by strengthening and expanding our existing network of global partnerships. To innovate and expand non-degree programs to meet the learning needs of development practitioners, policy makers, and students of development around the world.