Impact Note
KDI School Impact Note | SEPTEMBER 2021
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Introducing KDI School's Research Labs VII: 
Applied Data Science Lab (ADSL)

The Applied Data Science Lab (ADSL) brings together social scientists and data scientists. As a newly established lab, it aims to conduct research projects on various topics in the social sciences using cutting edge tools and approaches from data science. It will explore social phenomena and policies using non-traditional and unstructured data, including but not limited to texts, social networks, images, and maps. In doing so, the objective is to create not only synergy among the lab members, but also promote a better environment for data-oriented research in the KDIS community and beyond.
Research Papers
Financial Consumer Protection in the Era of Digital Transformation: A Critical Survey of Literature and Policy Practices 
This study aims to shed light on how to foster a welfare-enhancing policy regime for financial consumer protection (FCP), mainly through a literature and institutional survey on three pillars of FCP policy - financial education, exante (or before point of sale) FCP measures, and ex post policy instruments. To that end, we first conceptualize the typical behavioral....
Fear and Favoritism in the Time of COVID-19
Does fear cause us to "circle the wagons" and favor those in our in-group? Or does fear of the "other" cause us to recognize our common humanity and become more charitable to those we might otherwise consider outsiders? The measurement of this effect is confounded by the fact that some groups respond more strongly to fear than others....
Conference Highlights
2021 Development Talks Series
May - August
True to its commitment to its knowledge sharing mission, KDI School has hosted a regular Development Talks series in cooperation with KDIS Alumni and Korea's major partner countries. The series provides a platform for in-depth discussions and enhance connectivity. Please click the button below for more information about the previous Development Talks Series.
Frontiers in Development Policy 
September 15 - September 16
The Frontiers in Development Policy Conference was held on September 15 and 16, 2021. The thirteen authors from international organizations and research institutes delivered presentations and discussed global development issues during the two-day conference. Please click the button below for the conference volume of the FDP conference last year.
International Cooperation: Course Descriptions
GDLN Executive Certificate Program on the National Cyber Emergencies Policy (Phase II)
August 24 - September 16
The KDI School and Blended Learning International (BLI) are co-hosting the Executive Certificate Program on the National Cyber Emergencies Policy from August 24 to September 6. In response to the challenges of COVID-19, GDLN has convened a series of webinars and executive courses around the globe to assist countries still grappling with the pandemic and its consequences. The course addresses several key thematic issues to demonstrate the disconnect between a deepening sense of vulnerability and the availability of viable solutions at the national level. The Executive Certificate course will be delivered live online in twice weekly sessions over four weeks.
Regional Intensive Course on Korean Development I
August 6 - September 24
KDI School and the Regional School of Public Policies for Development in Guatemala (ERPPD*) are co-hosting the Regional Intensive Course on Korean Development from August 6 to September 24. The course consists of eight video conferences that will provide a general outlook on South Korea's development, culture and the relevant efforts that led to its transformation from a donor recipient to a significant donor country. The course also aims to provide alternative development strategies for countries in Latin America and build the capacity of policy makers and experts to reduce poverty and bolster development in their respective countries.
* ERPPD: Escuela Regional de Politicas Publicas para el Desarrollo) 
2021 KOICA Online Global Fellowship Program, CIAT
KDI School and the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) are co-hosting a global fellowship program, Capacity Improvement and Advancement for Tomorrow (CIAT), which is a cooperation program in which policymakers, public servants, and experts from developing countries are invited for technical training and knowledge sharing. Due to the outbreak of COVID 19, all programs for 2021 are being delivered online. In July, an online global fellowship program for Colombia and the Philippines were conducted.
Iraq KRG
The Online Training Program on Policy and Procedures for IT Usage in Government for the Kurdistan Regional Government was held from September 6 to September 15. This program aimed to help the Kurdistan Regional Government formulate sound e-government and IT infrastructure policies and a relevant policy framework. The course consisted of sessions that provided an overview of Korea's best practices in e-Government.
The Regulatory Reform and Investment Climate Improvement Program for the Republic of Uzbekistan was held from September 9 to September 17. The program was launched by KDI School and KOICA to help Uzbekistan establish regulatory reform policies and analyze the regulatory impact in Uzbekistan. The course introduced various options for reforming regulations and creating a more attractive investment environment in Uzbekistan. 

A Document related to the United Nations Temporary Commission on Korea (UNTCOK)
K-Developedia has introduced new content into the Korean Studies Repository. UNTCOK is an organization formed by the United Nations to address problems such as elections in Korea, the formation of the National Assembly, and the establishment of a government. The content collected by the National Institute of Korean History through presents in-depth and detailed information on the formation and activities of UNTCOK in Korea.
Development Talks Series (4) Uzbekistan
October 15
KDI School is going to hold its fourth webinar in the Development Talks Series: "Emerging Perspectives in Development Cooperation (4) Uzbekistan" on October 15. For this webinar, Director of the Ministry of Innovative Development of Republic of Uzbekistan will present about public policy in science, technology and innovation, and senior economist from the World Bank will speak about recent update of Uzbekistan in improving the functioning of the markets and private sector performance. The event welcomes anyone interested in international cooperation and development. Please register through clicking the button below!
Launch of the WDR 2021 MOOC-Data for Better Lives: A New Social Contract 
October 6 - November 16
A new free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), based on the latest 'World Development Report 2021: Data for Better Lives', supported by KDI School of Public Policy and Management, will be launched on October 6. This 6-week course will provide detailed insights with illustrated examples on how data can better advance development objectives and what kind of data governance arrangements are required to support the generation and use of data in a safe, ethical, and secure manner while also delivering value equitably  through two tracks.

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