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KDI School Impact Note | MARCH 2021
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Introducing KDI School's Research Labs V:
Impact Evaluation Lab
The Impact Evaluation Lab (IE Lab) aims to advance our understandings of development cooperation and social policies through the application of rigorous empirical analysis and impact evaluation. As one of the oldest and largest research labs at KDI School, the IE Lab has successfully completed several large-scale evaluation projects. Some recent projects to highlight are the projects on the impact of community-driven development projects in Myanmar, conducted in collaboration with KOICA. Another project explores the impact of early childhood development programs in rural China, to name a couple. In addition to these projects, we currently have some exciting ongoing projects, including an experimental survey study on domestic sources of support for foreign direct investments in Kenya. The lab is led by Taejong Kim, and the members include Joshua Merfeld, Inbok Rhee, Shun Wang, and Chungeun Yoon.&n bsp; Bomi Kim has been serving as the lab's research assistant.

"To Stay or To Go?"
: The Sources of Domestic Support for Foreign Direct Investment in Africa

Research Papers
The North Korean Economy: Sustainable or Muddling-Through?
Author: Wook Sohn, Changyong Choi, Soohyon Kim
Confronting the continuing economic sanctions, a flood disaster, and the COVID 19 pandemic, North Korea is now facing monumental challenges. Whether the North Korean economy will shift to a sustainable economy or, as it has done in the past three decades, barely manage to survive by pushing the status quo, remains to be seen,
To explore this question, this study investigates North Korea's economic policy changes by extracting the keywords from the North Korean economic journal Economic Research, which is an official representative state published document. We use a text mining approach to overcome limitations, such as the lack of objectivity and accuracy of the classification of topics in manual text analysis for North Korean studies...
Investigating Factors of Higher Education on Job Satisfaction, Globalization, and Hosting Country
Previous studies have rarely examined the role of higher education for human capital development in the case of Korea. The purpose of this study is to investigate effects of higher education for international students in a globalized environment regarding job satisfaction, globalization, and the host country. Research questions include the following: i) how do application and improvement on work, performance, self-confidence, and use of network affect job satisfaction; ii) how do leadership, policy improvement, public diplomacy, social responsibility and global competence affect globalization?; iii) how do effective, cognitive, and behavioral components affect the attitude of the host country? Research design, data, and methodology: Online survey and interviews were...

2021 GDLN Blended Learning Program
March 3 - April 21
KDI School annually offers the GDLN Blended Learning Program that consists of a distance learning seminar series and face-to-face training program. This year's Blended Learning Program will focus on the topic of "Education and Human Resource Development in the Era of a New Normal." The aim of this program is to learn how we can embrace the changes that COVID-19 has brought to our education and HRD systems by taking a close look at Korea's experience in addressing the crisis. The history of Korea's education policies, how Korea responded to the pandemic in the education sector, and the likely impact of...
Executive Certificate Program on COVID-19 Pandemic and Resilience Policy
March 16 - April 15
KDI School, Blended Learning International (BLI), and Tec de Monterrey University jointly hosted the Executive Certificate Program on Pandemic and Resilience Policy, GDLN program offering. The Executive Certificate Program will be delivered virtually from 16 March 15 April. This course explores how countries can more effectively address resilience challenges by offering international and national approaches in pandemic and resilience policy, including South Korea's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and how different countries responded to COVID-19.


The 10 Most Searched Keywords in 2020
K-Developedia analyzed the most searched keywords in 2020 to grasp the needs of users and provide better content. A wordcloud of the most searched keywords has been generated according to the search frequency. Through the top 10 keywords, users can see the most viewed content linked to each keyword. We encourage you to have a look and explore what others are discovering!
KEPCO's Growth & Contribution to Korean Economic Development (2013. 05)

Lim, Hongbin
(Korea Electric Power Corporation, KEPCO)

[Interview] Success Story of Incheon International Airport Globalization
: Success Factors for Globalization of Incheon International Airport (2018. 01)
Lee, Jae Hee
(Former President of Incheon International Airport Corporation)

2021 Sejong Public Policy Forum
KDI School of Public Policy and Management will host the "2021 Sejong Public Policy Forum" on the last Thursday of every month.
This 10-part forum will be kicked off on March 25, 2021, and the presentations will be delivered in Korean. The confirmed presenters are Kim Yong-jin (Director of the National Pension Service), Ahn Do-Geol (Head of the Budget Office of the Ministry of Economy and Finance), and Park Wonjoo (former Director of the Korean Industrial Property Office).

Participants: KDIS students/staff, and those interested from other research institutes in Sejong

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