[Conference Volume] The Frontiers in Development Policy Conference 2020New
공지화면_FDP.jpgKDI School of Public Policy and Management(KDI School) is pleased to upload the conference volume for the Frontiers in Development Policy Conference 2020, held on September 17 - 18, 2020. A total of 12 papers were first presented and discussed in September 2020 via an online conference hosted by the KDI School. This conference included participants from leading global organizations and researchers who have extended their research in the field of development cooperation. We are happy to share the conference volume as attached, and we hope that it wi..
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[2021 Sejong Public Policy Forum] The Future of National PensionNew
커버이미지_국민연금.pngKDI Schol of Public Policy and Management (KDIS) has held its first session of "2021 Sejong Public Policy Forum", aiming to reinforce KDI School's policy contribution by giving feedback from faculty/researchers on current policy issues, which will be presented by government officers. The first session of the series was delivered by Chairman of National Pension Service, Kim Yong Jin, covering the present implications of National Pension and its future. The series of sessions is planned to take place monthly throughout 2021. Details: ..
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Learning from KPFIS Experiences: Building Next Generation dBrain(12.15, 18:00 - 19:30)
The FMIS CoP, the Korean Public Finance Information Services, and the African Development Bank invite you to:   Learning from KPFIS Experiences: Building Next Generation dBrain Tuesday, December 15, 2020 | 18:00PM - 19:30PM Seoul Time RSVP| JOIN VIA ZOOM       P..
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[Data Economy Research Lab] Enhancing Data Economy: A Sectoral Approach
무제12.pngKDI Schol of Public Policy and Management (KDIS) Data Economy Research Lab (DERL) invite you to the "Enhancing Data Economy: A Sectoral Approach", which will take place online December 15. KDI Schol of Public Policy and Management (KDIS) Data Economy Research Lab (DERL) has been promoting research on data economy-related sectors such as fintech, smart city, and open government since its establishment in 2019. This conference will provide in-depth discussion of market and institutional issues for building Korea's data economy&..
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KOREA-ASEAN Partnership for Sustainable Development in Southeast Asia
The unprecedented onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has put women at a particular position of risk both economically and socially. In time of crisis, where resources and institutional capacities are constrained, innovative solutions spearheading in both the public and private sector are key in minimizing the disproportionate impact to women and girls and promoting their sustainable recovery a..
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KDI School-3ie-ADB-ADBI Conference on Impact Evaluation: Challenges and Promise for Human Capital Development in Asia
Dear all    Greetings from Research Planning Division. We are delighted to invite you our joint online conference 'KDIS-3ie-ADB-ADBI Conference on Impact Evaluation:Challenges and Promise for Human Capital Development in Asia.' This academic conference, which will take place on November 17, 2020, aims to share empirical research findings on impact evaluation of h..
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2020 Asian Approaches to Development Cooperation (AADC) Webinar Series (11/11~13)
Across Asia, like other parts of the world, the Covid-19 pandemic has had significant implications for public health and safety, social and economic security, governance, and political stability. Many countries across Asia are facing challenges that impact their ability to contain the spread of the pandemic and the socio-economic crisis. In the face of such challenges, the ..
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동영상 시험용
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[Invitation] KDI School-World Bank DIME Conference on Impact Evaluation in Governance and Finance
► KDI Schol of Public Policy and Management (KDIS) and the World Bank Development Impact Evaluation (DIME) invite you to the "Impact Evaluation in Governance and Finance Conference", which will take place both on- and off-line from October 22 to 23. • The two-day hybrid conference will specifically focus on the topics of 1) public sector governance and 2) finance and..
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Workshop on ASEAN-India Macroeconomic Policy and Development Cooperation (Aug. 19-20)
IMG_1233.JPG► Workshop on ASEAN-India Macroeconomic Policy and Development was held from August 19 to August 20, 2020, by adopting a mixed format of online and offline meetings. - Dean Jong-Il You (KDI School), Dr. Jaymin Lee (Vice Chair of National Economic Advisory Council), Dr. Bokyeong Park (Chairman of Presidential Committee on New Southern Policy), and resident representatives and mission chiefs from ASEAN-India IMF offices participated and discussed on the economic trends and policy issues in ASEAN countries and India to expand Kor..
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