[Result Announcement: 2020 Research Proposal Competition for Graduate Students]New
Thank you very much for your interest and participation on 2020 Research Proposal Competition for Graduate Students. We were very pleased to have received a large number of proposals with immense potential, for which we would like to thank all the participants.   After a careful and thorough review of the submitted proposals, it is our pleasure to announce the competition winners as bel..
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Data Analytics of Corruption Risks in Public AdministrationNew
The EXPMR will participate in an IACC session to discuss the collaborative project and other relevant topics with experts in the field. The session title is Bridging the Accountability Gap: Anticorruption Data Tools for Governments (1:00 AM - 2:30 AM KST, Friday, December 4, 2020).  - For detailed information on the session please visit https://19thiacc.pathable..
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Relaunch of the MOOC on "The Korean Story: Secrets of an Economic Miracle"New
인스타 키비주얼.jpgKDI School of Public Policy and Management has relaunched the Massive Open Online Course(MOOC) titled "The Korean Story: Secrets of an Economic Miracle" on December 1, 2020!   KDI School has been operating the MOOC courses by disseminating Korea's development experiences and policy experiences with SDG Academy. We hope that the learners interested in Korea's development experiences can utilize the knowledge and lessons in a field related to their own major.   The relaunched MOOC introduces three new modules in the areas of trade..
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[Registration] Asian Approaches to Development Cooperation (AADC) Webinar Series (11/11~13)
1200 400 홈페이지 상단이미지.jpgAcross Asia, like other parts of the world, the Covid-19 pandemic has had significant implications for public health and safety, social and economic security, governance, and political stability. Many countries across Asia are facing challenges that impact their ability to contain the spread of the pandemic and the socio-economic crisis. In the face of such challenges, the Asian Approaches to Development Cooperation (AADC) aims to bolster Asia's overall preparedness for the global pandemic by sharing the knowledge and responses to Covid-1..
date 09 November,  2020 Hit : 24
[Registration] The 2nd International Conference of the Experiment Lab for Public Management Research (EXPMR)New
Registration Notice HEAD IMAGE.PNGThe Experiment Lab for Public Management Research (EXPMR) of the KDI School of Public Policy and Management invites you to our second international conference under the title of "Leading Experimental Research in the Asia-Pacific Region," December 3-4, 2020. The virtual conference will focus on the topics of behavioral and experimental research in public policy and administration. Honorable professors Wook Sohn (KDI School), Anthony Bertelli (the Pennsylvania State University), James Perry (Indiana University), Richard Walk..
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[Call for Application] Recruitment for Research Lab RAs
1029409.jpgDear students,   As KDI School transforms itself to lead the research environment in Sejong, Research Labs have been established in order to encourage and promote a collaborative research environment within KDI School. Nine labs are currently operating in KDI School, and eight research labs are now looking for a highly motivated individual who will work as a research assistant. Please refer to the following details;   1. Research Labs   # Lab Research Field Lab leaders 1 Impact Evaluation Lab (IE L..
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[Registration] The 4th Research Methodologies Seminar 2020
연구방법론 세미나.pngThe 4th Research Methodologies Seminar 2020 The Office of Development Research and Interntional Cooperation is hosting its 4th Research Methodology Seminar from October through November. Designed to develop students and researchers enhance their hands-on analytic skills, this seminar will introduce ways to apply regression analysis and how to construct a data set to be analyzed using Python. In addition to video lectures, each lecturer will hold live Q&A sessions to interact with participants. - Registration link:     1) Regression → Here     ..
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[Competition] 2020 Research Proposal Competition for Graduate Students (~11/2)New
KDI연구제안공모전(p)okoutline.jpg2020 Research Proposal Competition for Graduate Students   KDI School of Public Policy and Management is searching for new researchers in the field of empirical research in development studies and policy impact evaluation.  Please refer to the following guidelines for application.  ► Eligibility : Graduate Student & Post-Doctoral in Korea                   (All majors are eligible, Collaborative research more than two persons or less is allowed) ► Themes :  Empirical Anaysis and Developmnet Policy on Domestic Issues & ODA ► Language..
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[Publication] Managing for Development Results for Inclusive Development
KDI School in collaboration with with the Inter-American Development Bank(IDB), African Development Bank(AfDB), the Asian Development Bank(ADB), and collaborative regional country network called Communities of Practices (CoPs) in Africa, Asia, and Latin American and the Caribbean (AfCoP, CoPLAC, and APCoP) have recently published ..
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[Publication] KDI School-World bank's collaborative research paper on Electronic Tax Administration
KDI School and the World Bank have recently published a collaborative research paper titled The Benefits of Electronic Tax Administration in Developing Economies: A Korean Case Study and Discussion of Key Challenges. This research paper provides context and direction for developing countries in improving their taxpayer service and compliance through the Korean experience of creating a tax com..
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